Quest For Smile – Flash Project by No More Ignorance

‘The Quest For Smile’ was an event held in the Gaza Strip, presented by the Unlimited Friends Association, and co-sponsored internationally by Artists Against Apartheid and No More Ignorance.
"QFS" Flash project.. by #No-More-Ignorance on deviantART
“QFS” Flash project.. by =No-More-Ignorance on deviantART

Smiles In Gaza as the Quest for Freedom Continues

Gaza City, Palestine – October 13th, 2009. Steadfast in their smiles of innocence, children of Al-Maghazi refugee camp, in the middle of the Gaza Strip, enjoyed the launching today of ‘Quest For Smile’, an after-school event of performance and entertainment organized in Gaza and sponsored internationally.  The celebration was attended by an estimated 200 children, [...]

Quest For Smile Event October 13th, Al-Maghazi Camp Gaza was a Success! Full Report to follow

Thank you all for the donations!!!!

The Quest For Smile
An Afterschool program of Music and Performance for the children of Al-Maghazi refugee camp.  Featuring Culture and Heritage Show, Children’s Songs, Puppet Show, Dabkah Performance, and more…
Presented by Unlimited Friends Association, Gaza
Co-Sponsored by Artists Against Apartheid
Thank you to all those who contributed to help this event happen. [...]