Quest For Smile – Flash Project by No More Ignorance

‘The Quest For Smile’ was an event held in the Gaza Strip, presented by the Unlimited Friends Association, and co-sponsored internationally by Artists Against Apartheid and No More Ignorance.
"QFS" Flash project.. by #No-More-Ignorance on deviantART
“QFS” Flash project.. by =No-More-Ignorance on deviantART

Smiles In Gaza as the Quest for Freedom Continues

Gaza City, Palestine – October 13th, 2009. Steadfast in their smiles of innocence, children of Al-Maghazi refugee camp, in the middle of the Gaza Strip, enjoyed the launching today of ‘Quest For Smile’, an after-school event of performance and entertainment organized in Gaza and sponsored internationally.  The celebration was attended by an estimated 200 children, [...]

NMI presents Gaza Over and Over

No-More-Ignorance (NMI), is an international group of artists who struggle together against War, Propaganda, and Human right violations around the world.  They recently presented their latest group work, Gaza Over and Over , a 70 page document summarizing Israel’s military aggression on the Gaza Strip from December 2008 until February 2009.  It contains photos, data, [...]