Leonard Cohen Seeks Reconciliation At Apartheid Bank Discount

In addition to sponsoring Leonard Cohen’s ‘Concert for Reconciliation, Tolerance and Peace’ in Tel-Aviv this Thursday, Israel Discount Bank (’Bank Discount’) also financed the construction of building projects in the settlements of Har Homa, Beitar Illit and Ma’ale Adumim.   Several of their branches are located in Jewish-only settlements of Beitar Illit, and Ma’ale Adumim [...]

Leonard Cohen, Amnesty partner with Settlers for phoney peace gig in Tel Aviv

Update 8/18/2009: Amnesty has withdrawn their support for this colonial project.
Palestinians are being ethnically cleansed in Jerusalem and yet still, Leonard Cohen and other artists insist on playing in Israel.  Because appearing righteous is so important to Mr. Cohen, he has gone to great lengths, and even gotten Amnesty International to partner with Israel [...]

Tear Down The Wall – Roger Waters Won’t Entertain Apartheid

Recently, there has been debate within the mainstream music community about whether there is in fact a cultural boycott of Israel in effect, and whether it is yet time to endorse such a boycott, as was done during Apartheid South Africa.  Therefore, it is significant that Pink Floyd artist Roger Waters, during a recent visit [...]