Maimas Issues Response From Gaza To Nick Cave

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds:
We are a Gaza-based band playing music and singing songs of freedom, love, peace and justice. we have not  been able to leave Gaza for the last 11 years, thanks to Israel’s genocidal siege, condemned by mainstream Human Rights Organizations and described by the likes of Richard Falk as “a [...]

Revolution Makers – We Have Hope

Gaza’s Revolution Makers “We Have Hope” (Arabic with English subtitles)

Revolution Makers, Gaza – Onadekom

اناديكم صناع الثورة – البصمة العربية Onadekom (Calling You Palestine – Syria)

Revolution Makers Gaza

Mohammed Hassona – We Are Hope For Freedom (Gaza, 2013)

Mohammed Hassona , Graphic Designer and Blogger, Gaza, Occupied Palestine –

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Yaseen – Gaza 2012

By Yaseen
Guitar Tommy Rei
Video Yaseen
Footage TYT, CNN, Al Quds, Youtube

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My heart is half dead
My ears are surprised
My eyes cant see clearly
Every time I read the news
The event happened from right to left
They captured the event from the left.
History started from the right
Now its being written from the left
Every time I defend [...]

Statement of Solidarity with the People of Egypt

We stand in solidarity with the people of Egypt in the struggle for equal rights and justice.
We stand in solidarity with the people of Egypt who are fighting for democratic representation and freedom from oppression.
We stand in solidarity with the people of Egypt in their popular struggle to oust the regime of Hosni [...]

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MC Lowkey Responds to Freedom Flotilla Killings

Lowkey is speaking at one of many demonstrations around the world condemning the killings of at least 9 human rights activists aboard the Turkish ship Mavi Marmara, one of six ships in the “Freedom Flotilla” aid convoy.  The names of those killed have not been released, and the surviving members of the flotilla were captured [...]

The Ethnic Cleansing Continues

An appeal for relief for Palestine refugees, but not Justice…as such, we see the following scene 60 years later in Jerusalem:

Quest For Smile – Flash Project by No More Ignorance

‘The Quest For Smile’ was an event held in the Gaza Strip, presented by the Unlimited Friends Association, and co-sponsored internationally by Artists Against Apartheid and No More Ignorance.
"QFS" Flash project.. by #No-More-Ignorance on deviantART
“QFS” Flash project.. by =No-More-Ignorance on deviantART

Smiles In Gaza as the Quest for Freedom Continues

Gaza City, Palestine – October 13th, 2009. Steadfast in their smiles of innocence, children of Al-Maghazi refugee camp, in the middle of the Gaza Strip, enjoyed the launching today of ‘Quest For Smile’, an after-school event of performance and entertainment organized in Gaza and sponsored internationally.  The celebration was attended by an estimated 200 children, [...]