Remi Kanazi NYC release of Poetic Injustice

Artists Against Apartheid member Remi Kanazi releases his first Book/CD:
Poetic Injustice: Writings on Resistance and Palestine
Laced with searing indictments of occupation, ethnic cleansing, and war, as well as reflections on growing up Arab in America, this poetry collection tackles some of the most pressing issues affecting our communities at home and overseas. Additionally, included in [...]

SF Film Festival Under Fire, Screening Rachel Corrie Doc

Update II: Mondoweiss features Rabbi Lynn Gottlieb on the attempts to censor screening of Rachel, and paint human rights advocates as “anti-semetic”.
Update: SFJFF Executive quits over ‘Rachel’ controversy, read update: Article in SF Weekly
“…if we, as an arts organization, are going to remain relevant in our time, it really is part of our role [...]