Propaganda and Truth at the Wall

Israeli Cellcom recently released a propaganda commercial:

The brazen unreality of that commercial prompted several folks in Bil’in to find out, what in fact would happen if they tried to play a little soccer with the IDF:

thanks Eva!

Tear Down The Wall – Roger Waters Won’t Entertain Apartheid

Recently, there has been debate within the mainstream music community about whether there is in fact a cultural boycott of Israel in effect, and whether it is yet time to endorse such a boycott, as was done during Apartheid South Africa.  Therefore, it is significant that Pink Floyd artist Roger Waters, during a recent visit [...]

Farid Esack – The Longest Letter complete

“I come from apartheid South Africa.
Arriving in your land, the land of Palestine, the sense of deja vu is inescapable. I am struck by the similarities. In some ways, all of us are the children of our histories. Yet, we may also choose to be struck by the stories of others. Perhaps this ability is [...]

The Longest Letter – Farid Esack begins

“My dear Palestinian brothers and sisters, I have come to your land and I have recognized shades of my own…”