Support Cinema Jenin Renovation: Adopt A Seat

Built in the early 60’s, Cinema Jenin (West Bank) was considered to be one of the largest and most impressive cinemas in Palestine. Hundreds of people attended it daily to watch films from the Arab world. Later, it started presenting action films and American B movies until it was closed as a movie theatre with the outbreak of the first Intifada in 1987.

Ismael Khateeb, head of the “Cuneo Center for Peace”, his manager Fakhri Hamad, Marcus Vetter, a renowned German Documentary film maker and a group of enthusiastic locals and foreigners want to bring the old cinema back to life.

Support the project by adopting a seat

You can support Cinema Jenin by sponsoring one of the 500 seats in the theatre.  The German Foreign Ministry has already generously donated 172,000 Euros toward renovation of the building.  In order to bring the project to fruition an additional 500,000 Euros is needed.  The financing plan can be checked on our website.
The cinema has 500 seats, 250 on the balcony and 250 on the ground floor. Once we manage to collect the symbolic amount of 1000 Euro for each seat, the renovation will be financed. Support us by adopting a seat, a part of a seat, or several seats. Please help give culture in Jenin a permanent home!

A joint effort between Cinema Jenin e.V and

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