Salt of This Sea – Screening at the Tribeca Film Festival

Annemarie Jacir’s award-winning directorial debut represents a fresh, viscerally affecting, and definitive statement from second-generation Palestinian Americans. Rife with symbolism, director of photography Benoit Chamaillard’s color-saturated lensing of Palestinian landscapes and composer Kamran Rastegar’s evocative score make palpable the yearning and frustration of a quest to reclaim what was stolen. –Roya Rastegar

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  1. TRS - May 1, 2009 US-Funded Racist “Palestinian-Islamic” Apartheid Government Will Execute Man Who Sold Land To Enemy Religion

    No, this is REAL APARTHEID, this is not the usual buzz word of that “ficticious” apartheid slur on pluralistic democratic Israel, where its 20-25% Arabs are not only equal citizents but are often treated in preferencial treatment OVER Israeli Jws, such as in: court cases, in Hebron land issues and standards in the universities as “affirmative action”, not to mention the unfairness of Israeli Arabs NOT serving in the military yet having the same rights as Israeli Jews…

    And those racist Arabs dare to shout “apartheid”???

  2. andrew - May 1, 2009

    So you agree! No one should have special rights based on religion or ethnicity. And considering the green line is only for maps, everyone should share the same rights, access to private property and the legal system..

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