Cultures Of Resistance USA Film Premiere

AAA members Cultures of Resistance and Iara Lee will be premiering their feature length documentary in New York City on April 27th followed by Chicago (April 29th) and Boston (April 30th):

Filmmaker Iara Lee states: “The message of Cultures of Resistance is that people throughout the world need to rise up to create positive change. That is something I have always felt. But I never expected to see this spirit being put into action so dramatically as it is now in so many countries in North Africa and the Middle East. Hopefully that spirit of change will continue to inspire people in many more countries to come. Cultures of Resistance is a celebration of people’s power and creativity. It promotes the notion that, if we all work together, we can–as Gandhi said–be the change we want to see!”

Click below for Event details:
New York, April 27th
Chicago, April 29th
Boston, April 30th

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