The Land Speaks Arabic – historical account of Palestine

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In this documentary by Maryse Gargour the late 19th century birth of Zionism—and its repercussions for Palestinians—is detailed with original source documents, Zionist leaders’ quotations, rare archival footage, testimonies of witnesses and interviews with historians. All help to illustrate that the expulsion of the indigenous Arab population from Palestine was far from an accidental result of the 1948 war. This award-winning film shines a spotlight on the ethnic cleansing of Palestine by the Zionist movement.

“The radical transformation of the demographic characteristics of Palestine under British rule instigated widespread unrest among Palestinians who realized the threat of the introduction of this new population, which set out to expel the indigenous population. Perhaps the strongest point of The Land Speaks Arabic is the use of first-hand accounts of Palestinians living under the British mandate. These include the testimonials by Hussein Fayad Zaydan of Balad al-Sheikh and Abu Mohammed Younis of Safsaf village, who described the rise of the resistance and were injured during clashes. These oral histories serve to substantiate Masalha’s historical narrative and the media of the time….” [read full review by Maymanah Farhat on Electronic Intifada]

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