Untitled (For Freedom Flotilla) by Mark Gonzales

Untitled (for Freedom Flotilla)

Last night

they were slaughtered as I slept.
Their spines cracked under steel ravens
carrying raptures of ruthlessness.

This morning

there are no words like
beauty/ life/ love/ righteousness/dignity
only fear.

We wonder why

daughters grow up afraid of alleyways

children shake at the midnight whispers of wind

fathers wake at sounds of high pitched whistles

It is painful to dream of flying when
all those with wings have been
shot at or
shot down

These day murderers walk out of courtrooms
as easily as rapists do.

They murdered us.

Destroyed the schools.
Bombed the grocery store.
Cast Lead into the heads of children.

And we bought a boat.

Attempted to float ideas and aid
through Israel’s barbed wire blockades into
Gaza’s hearts segregated from humanity

and they murdered us
We will mourn, but not in silence.

Speak out
Speak loud
in every tongue
bang on system like drum
till rhythm other than war is found.

Fly kites embroidered with prescriptions for the wounded like
use newspaper as tourniquet
press slight below bullet wound to slow the gushing of blood to trickling flow
If paper tears rip your shirt
into strips of fabric.
Do not sleep or you may not wake.

Wake UP world
There is a two-part program for all allies of righteousness
a) Divest from Death
b) Invest in Life and loved ones.

I woke this morning next to mine
eyes fluttered open at image of her butterfly beauty
a pleasure that will never be indulged by nineteen souls again.
Wounded Knee warriors are welcoming them into the next world

Dear friends:
I am tired of burying you.

Dear enemies and misguided allies:
Why do you look to the sea
when you are digging your own grave beneath your feet?

All First Nations live by the simplest of treaty
Treat me as you would want to be treated.
When broken, it is rewritten to read:
Today, we will bury our dead.
Tomorrow, we will bury you.

You pray for calm.
I pray for Karma.

Mark Gonzales
FB : /MarkGonzalesIS
Twitter: @MarkGonzalesIS
Email: humanwrites[at]gmail.com

(posted with permission)

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