Defending the Invincible Voice of Truth

“3am badafe3 (I’m defending)” by AAA members Invincible Voice, Palestinian Hip-Hop

This song was recorded both in a live concert in cairo, with the lekat eka3 project, and in the  Burj Al Barajneh refugee camp, at I-Voice’s Studio Camps.  The project was a meeting between four diverse bands from jorden, egypt and lebanon.   Yeah-Seen’s verse is live, and TNT’s verse and beat were recorded in the camps, as well as the mix, creating a seamless medley.

LYRICS translation:

3am badafe3 (I’m defending)

Im from the streets and to the streets here I come
I gulped down the past and the future; I live in the present tense
I hear the sound of a repressing submission
The deterrent sound of tears
I spent my whole life dreaming
now the dream is over
But I tried to live
In pure happiness
The dream ended up with extermination
Distractions and leaderships malfunctions
Drinking from stubbornness
Increasing corruption
And heres the childish man who called and called until sovereignty was leveled, then repeated it all again
Im an exhausted teenager
Monitored by Radars
I see a hypocrite in a tunnel
Trying to carry on
Brothels in borrowed areas
Development, Recklessness and Technology all leading to bitterness
Every day the hood is raided by its neighbor
These words I praise and when saying it my voice I raise
I am Palestinian by civilization

Wake up! Starting each day with problems for breakfast
Walking in the camps roads everyday
Alleys getting narrower and narrower
Wake up!
If you dont want to just stand in line
Finish college and graduate with a janitor degree
Reaching to the words spinning in my head
PPPPalestinians with no frontiers
A Kefiyeh tied up and cuffed, washed by innocent blood
I have within me dreams and speeches
To deliver Arab peace
A murdered murderer
Depression is his fate
And if you ask, the answer is: scratched out
Hey! The world is looted!
This song goes to every mom
Whose tears dropped and crawled to grasp a handful of homeland soil
To every dad who fought, struggled and strove
And didnt find himself a shroud
Who paid the price?
We did
Whose bodies were buried?
For every imprisoned kid
All we have
All we have is Kalashnikov and Bandages
All we have
Kalashnikov and bandages
All we have

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