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Revolution Makers – We Have Hope

Gaza’s Revolution Makers “We Have Hope” (Arabic with English subtitles)

Revolution Makers, Gaza – Onadekom

اناديكم صناع الثورة – البصمة العربية Onadekom (Calling You Palestine – Syria)

Revolution Makers Gaza

Yaseen – Gaza 2012

By Yaseen
Guitar Tommy Rei
Video Yaseen
Footage TYT, CNN, Al Quds, Youtube

Turn on CC for Subtitles

My heart is half dead
My ears are surprised
My eyes cant see clearly
Every time I read the news
The event happened from right to left
They captured the event from the left.
History started from the right
Now its being written from the left
Every time I defend [...]

Freedom For Palestine

Maxi Jazz (Faithless), Dave Randall (Slovo/Faithless), LSK, the Durban Gospel Choir, members of the London Community Gospel Choir, Jamie Catto (1 Giant Leap) and musicians from around the world
Supported by: War on Want, Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Jews for Justice for Palestinians, [...]

Roger Waters Announces BDS Support

From the statement ‘My Journey to BDS’ by Roger Waters, March 7th 2011:
In 1980, a song I wrote, “Another Brick in the Wall Part 2,” was banned by the government of South Africa because it was being used by Black South African children to advocate their right to equal education. That apartheid government imposed [...]

Defending the Invincible Voice of Truth

“3am badafe3 (I’m defending)” by AAA members Invincible Voice, Palestinian Hip-Hop
This song was recorded both in a live concert in cairo, with the lekat eka3 project, and in the  Burj Al Barajneh refugee camp, at I-Voice’s Studio Camps.  The project was a meeting between four diverse bands from jorden, egypt and lebanon.   Yeah-Seen’s verse is [...]

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Greek Artist Yperastikoi Sets Sights for Gaza

Composed and Performed by Yperastikoi for the upcoming “Ship To Gaza” voyage from Greece.  The “Ship to Gaza” initiative is part of an international expedition of ships and passengers from many different countries, to sail to the Gaza Strip in spring 2010 carrying aid and supplies to the steadfast people of Palestine.  Gaza [...]

Mass Obliteration – Mashom

Mass Obliteration is an Italian death metal band, born in Rome during april 2006 from the cousins Andrea and Luca, who moved from their hometown Gaeta (where the Cavalera brothers from Sepultura have their origin too) to the capital, deluded by their past projects, aiming to create extreme and original music.  They created this song [...]

Uri Gopher – Istikbal (Welcoming)

Uri Gopher presents his personal perspective on how it feels to raise a child in Israel, as a Jewish-Israeli who does not buy into his country’s Ethos and who wants no part in the continued self-defeating denial of responsibility to the tragic fate of the Palestinian people. Inspired by the work of “Zochrot” activists.

Rich Siegel “In Palestine” Music Video and Commentary

Rich Siegel- “In Palestine” from Richard A Siegel on Vimeo, featuring commmentary by Dave Lippman.
Composed by Rich Siegel and Dave Lippman
Listen to and Download the MP3 below.  20% of earnings will go to charities that help Palestinian children, including the following, in alphabetical order:
Global Help Initiative for Palestine
Humanity without Borders
Middle East [...]