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Revolution Makers Gaza “What’s Going On” REMIX

Revolution Makers, Gaza Palestine

Gaza Blues: Hymns of Love, Death and Resistance

Haidar Eid discusses his album Gaza Blues:
“When Israel committed one of its ugliest crimes in the Shujaiya neighborhood of Gaza City in July 2014 — the massacre of dozens of people — I became a different person.
I felt a cocktail of mixed emotions: helplessness, horror, pain, loneliness, alienation, melancholy and resilience.
Being an activist at that [...]

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Thank You Lauryn Hill

Lauryn Hill has cancelled her upcoming May 7th performance scheduled in apartheid Israel. She released a brief statement, and mentions that she is seeking new ways to connect with ALL of her fans in the region:
Dear Friends and Fans in Israel,
When deciding to play the region, my intention was to perform in both Tel Aviv [...]

Revolution Makers – We Have Hope

Gaza’s Revolution Makers “We Have Hope” (Arabic with English subtitles)

Revolution Makers, Gaza – Onadekom

اناديكم صناع الثورة – البصمة العربية Onadekom (Calling You Palestine – Syria)

Revolution Makers Gaza

Nelson Mandela – The Special AKA

R.I.P. Nelson Mandela

The Gaza Music School Reached Its Goal!

The Gaza Music School is in its final days of a fundraising campaign to fund upcoming programs. View the campaign homepage here:
The GMS was launched with the fundamental goal to develop music education, promote music appreciation, to introduce music as a tool for creative free expression and to the improvement of the creative potential of [...]

Yaseen – Gaza 2012

By Yaseen
Guitar Tommy Rei
Video Yaseen
Footage TYT, CNN, Al Quds, Youtube

Turn on CC for Subtitles

My heart is half dead
My ears are surprised
My eyes cant see clearly
Every time I read the news
The event happened from right to left
They captured the event from the left.
History started from the right
Now its being written from the left
Every time I defend [...]

Sabina England Appeals to Jello Biafra

Update: Jello Biafra canceled.
AAA Member Sabina England presents her appeal to Jello Biafra, as his band has booked a show in apartheid Israel for July 2nd. Joining PACBI and Punks Against Apartheid in this campaign, AAA has also sent an unpublished appeal to the Green Party member regarding the Palestinian call for cultural boycott.

William Nassar Protesting Concert May 15th

May 15th is the day of commemoration of the Nakba of 1948.  Nakba means “Catastrophe” in Arabic. It refers to the destruction of Palestinian society in 1948 when more than 700,000 Palestinians fled or were forced into exile by Israeli troops. Because the Palestinians were not Jewish, their presence and predominant ownership of the land [...]

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