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Tadamon Montreal Rally 500 Artists in Solidarity

Montreal, Canada – February 25th 2010.   Today, a broad spectrum of Montreal artists are standing in solidarity with the Palestinian struggle for freedom and supporting the growing international campaign for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) against the Israeli state. Last winter, the Israeli state launched a violent military assault on [...]

Poet Kevin Coval Takes Lonely Step Into Larger World

From Poet Kevin Coval, as published at
Why I am not a Zionist
Kevin Coval, The Electronic Intifada, 5 November 2009

Last week I was disinvited from my second Jewish conference in two months for poems I’d written in solidarity with Palestinians, poems that make an unapologetic call for justice. Subsequently, I and the poet I [...]

Quest For Smile Event October 13th, Al-Maghazi Camp Gaza was a Success! Full Report to follow

Thank you all for the donations!!!!

The Quest For Smile
An Afterschool program of Music and Performance for the children of Al-Maghazi refugee camp.  Featuring Culture and Heritage Show, Children’s Songs, Puppet Show, Dabkah Performance, and more…
Presented by Unlimited Friends Association, Gaza
Co-Sponsored by Artists Against Apartheid
Thank you to all those who contributed to help this event happen. [...]

Rich Siegel “In Palestine” Music Video and Commentary

Rich Siegel- “In Palestine” from Richard A Siegel on Vimeo, featuring commmentary by Dave Lippman.
Composed by Rich Siegel and Dave Lippman
Listen to and Download the MP3 below.  20% of earnings will go to charities that help Palestinian children, including the following, in alphabetical order:
Global Help Initiative for Palestine
Humanity without Borders
Middle East [...]

Toronto Spotlight on Solidarity

A CELEBRATION OF SOLIDARITY: A Different Kind of Spotlight
Over 1,000 filmmakers, actors, writers and other cultural producers from Palestine, Israel and around the world — including include music and cinematic legends Harry Belafonte, David Byrne,  Julie Christie, and Viggo Mortensen — have signed on to The Toronto Declaration objecting to the Toronto International Film Festival’s [...]

People Not Places – Invincible Docu-Music-Video

People Not Places – Docu-music-video based on the song of the same name by Invincible featuring Abeer and Suhell Nafar (DAM).
Many of the lyrics to Invincible’s People Not Places may be confusing to people unfamiliar with the history, geography and struggle in Palestine. To make these lyrics more accessible, the EMERGENCE Travel Agency has provided [...]

SF Film Festival Under Fire, Screening Rachel Corrie Doc

Update II: Mondoweiss features Rabbi Lynn Gottlieb on the attempts to censor screening of Rachel, and paint human rights advocates as “anti-semetic”.
Update: SFJFF Executive quits over ‘Rachel’ controversy, read update: Article in SF Weekly
“…if we, as an arts organization, are going to remain relevant in our time, it really is part of our role [...]