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Tadamon Montreal Rally 500 Artists in Solidarity

Montreal, Canada – February 25th 2010.   Today, a broad spectrum of Montreal artists are standing in solidarity with the Palestinian struggle for freedom and supporting the growing international campaign for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) against the Israeli state. Last winter, the Israeli state launched a violent military assault on [...]

Quest For Smile Event October 13th, Al-Maghazi Camp Gaza was a Success! Full Report to follow

Thank you all for the donations!!!!

The Quest For Smile
An Afterschool program of Music and Performance for the children of Al-Maghazi refugee camp.  Featuring Culture and Heritage Show, Children’s Songs, Puppet Show, Dabkah Performance, and more…
Presented by Unlimited Friends Association, Gaza
Co-Sponsored by Artists Against Apartheid
Thank you to all those who contributed to help this event happen. [...]

Wafa Hourani Shows ‘Qalandia 2087′ in Istanbul, Turkey

The ever-smiling Palestinian artist Wafa Hourani’s quiet behaviors come at a striking contrast to the outspokenness of his work “Qalandia 2087,” which depicts a futuristic version of the Qalandia refugee camp. The work is allows the viewer to walk around in the “streets” of Qalandia and features live goldfish. The artist aims to push Palestinians [...]

Seattle – Artists To End The Occupation Presents

NMI presents Gaza Over and Over

No-More-Ignorance (NMI), is an international group of artists who struggle together against War, Propaganda, and Human right violations around the world.  They recently presented their latest group work, Gaza Over and Over , a 70 page document summarizing Israel’s military aggression on the Gaza Strip from December 2008 until February 2009.  It contains photos, data, [...]

Gaza Photo Show – Together We Make it Happen

As part of its celebration of 25 years in the world and 10 years in Palestine, Islamic Relief  in Gaza cordially invites friends and partners to attend this photo exhibition.  The show displays a number of photos documenting life in Palestine and IR activities in Gaza, Palestine and worldwide.
Host: Islamic Relief, Palestine
Time: May 13-14, 2009
Location: Rashad Al-Shawwa [...]